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Dear Library Computer Lab User #1

I realize it is distracting/annoying to have a crying baby in the computer lab.  Especially when it is otherwise so quiet here this week during interterm.  However:

1) The computer lab is NOT a silent study area.  As a matter of fact, when it is full of students it is much noisier, and I've seen you using the facility during these much busier times without incident.

2) Based on point 1, I have no basis on which to ask the young single mother to leave, since she is a student as well (a very harried one, at that).  Trust me, if I did, I would not have waited the 15 minutes it took you to come and speak to me, to ask her to successfully shush her child or leave.

3) When I've told you there is nothing I can do, you don't need to ask the person working with me the same thing, because you'll get the same answer.

4) When you've gotten the same answer from my work-mate, and you've left the computer lab in a huff, you aren't going to get anywhere by demanding to speak to the library manager.  Really.

Love Tolerantly yours,

Ms. Atoz

Dear Library Computer Lab User #2

Yes, as a student you do have the right to use the computer lab.  And yes, you may bring your kid with you.  I know your face and I know how hard you work; I have nothing but respect for someone who is pushing themself through a very demanding program AND raising a toddler.  I can only presume that you could not get a babysitter and had to attempt to get some work done today regardless.  However, I would respectfully suggest that the next time you need to use a school computer and bring your very vocal son with you, you may want to use one of the computer labs that are not attached to the library.  While we are not a silent study zone, we are still part of the library (i.e. a dedicated study area).  The other students do expect quiet, if not silence.


Ms. Atoz