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Award-winning book-burning hoax saves Troy, MI libraries

By Cory Doctorow at 12:55 pm Saturday, Jun 16

The Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide agency has won a gold prize in the Effie awards for their hoax "Book Burning Party" campaign, which is credited with saving the public library in Troy, MI. Michigan's extreme austerity measures and collapsing economy had put the library under threat, and the town proposed a 0.7% tax raise to keep it open. The local Tea Party spent a large sum of money opposing the measure on the grounds that all taxes are bad, so the Burnett campaign reframed the issue by creating a hoax campaign to celebrate the library's closure with a Book Burning Party a few days after the vote.

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Oakland zombies protest to keep libraries open and brains big and tasty
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"We're here, we're dead, and we don't want our books unread!”

That was the mantra chanted by more than 50 undead librarians and library supporters as they walked down Telegraph Avenue in Oakland last Saturday dressed in white makeup and fake blood.

Under Scenario A of Mayor Jean Quan's budget proposal to end Oakland's $58 million deficit,14 of 18 Oakland libraries would close as of July 1st. According to the Zombie Crawl to Save Oakland Library Facebook group, “Zombies need brains. Libraries feed brains. Zombies support the Oakland public library.” They say they wouldn’t mind if the city’s Tool Lending Library closed because it “puts excellent zombie-killing tools such as drills, chainsaws, and large heavy shovels to the public.”

“Every zombie knows that enriched brains make for a more satisfying meal, so that's why we're here,” said Oakland resident Ben Krompak. “Brains will taste bland and uninteresting if the libraries close, and that's not what we need, especially during these difficult times.”

“Braaaaiiiiiiiiiins. Blllleeeeeh. Braaaaaaaaaaaains. Blerrggghhhh. Brains,” the marchers droned. They carried signs reading, “Have a heart so that zombies can have brains!” and “Closing the libraries is the end of the world!”

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